For years, I've been building websites and applications for big, serious organizations.

Solid foundation

Our experience speaks for itself. I take security seriously and get irritated when things don’t work well – there’s always room for improvement! I take documentation seriously and keep meticulous version control (boring, but necessary). I hate doing the same thing over and over again, so I automate as much as possible.

The end justifies the means

No matter what kind of media a client wants to use – online or even offline – I do it all. Konstruktiv can handle integrations, apps!), as well as specific tasks like conducting a UX audit or providing advice on user processes.

Service as a Suit

Right from the first meeting, I take a thorough approach. In addition to addressing technical challenges, Konstruktiv ask critical questions about the overall process. “It only begins after the project is finished” is a common saying around here. That’s because every system requires ongoing attention to maintain its quality. With a realistic estimate and a love for structure (in terms of code and design): discover, define, design & deliver.

I’m use different methods depending on the idea, situation, client, and approach. Read more about my methods

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