My approach is not based on a specific method. This makes our collaboration unique, maybe even intimate. The approach depends on the client, situation, and idea for which we can develop a solution.

Yesterday's idea

In many cases, a client’s challenge is based on an idea, sometimes unclear or even clear. The idea is sometimes still in the germination phase and needs direction to grow. Sometimes Konstruktiv is brought in as the missing puzzle piece to add technology, or we receive a blueprint with all the functions already mapped out. In all situations, I feel at home and together we gettings things done.

A moment in tome

An idea is always dependent on the moment. Trends and developments fly by and you want to catch on. Or even better: benefit. “We also need to do something with that” is heard in the meeting room or at Friday’s drinks. The situation of the moment offers guidance. What are the limits of our joint capabilities? What should we take into account? And is the golden idea future-proof? Based on the customer situation, we offer a proposal to work together after inventorying.

As part of the process to automate a part, realize an existing system but faster or set up a new product.

Holistic approach

The idea, situation, and client require different methods. We have all experienced this. This can be a one-time project-based approach with a clear start and end, or in sprints to intensively realize a prototype or feature in a short time, or even a partnership to work together for a long time.

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